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Jul 25, 2013. The range depends on how much proofreading, copyediting or rewriting is involved. Id also add that the price youd pay a proofreader, or that a proof reader would charge, could depend on the type of copy being edited or proofed. Proofreading business, scientific or technical copy may cost more.

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Unwanted Library of Academic Check out the top 21 free online writing and parse databases in this resource, and click the link below to learn the full list of 101 databases, jointly free. When wearing a world essay, a good mistake is applying a term that is way too much for the problem addressing.

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Editing vs. Proofreading: What's the difference?

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society for editors and proofreaders. Here youll find the rates actually paid for copy-editing and proofreading by various companies, submitted anonymously by SfEP members. Discussion among translators, entitled Rates for editing job. Forum name Proofreading Editing Reviewing.