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Purim happens during this very different time in our history. When we say that God is hiding His face in the Purim story, it is not just a play on words it is a basic notion. Part of the miracle of Purim is that everyone is masquerading, acting drunk, and thinking that they are doing things for their own benefit, but it is because. Purim begins, like other Jewish festivals, with an evening service. That service, however, is noisy and raucous, a festival complete with songs, costumes, and special baked treats. For example, one Pluralism Project researcher recalls an experience in the mid-1990s when the cavernous sanctuary at Congregation Bnai. The Greatest Purim - Circus in Encino! Full Name. First Name Last Name. E-mail. Phone Number. Area Code Phone Number. Adults age 13 older 32. Children under 13 22. Total. 0.00. Payment.

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