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The Other Side of Truth is a childrens novel about Nigerian political refugees, written by Beverley Naidoo and published by Puffin in 2000. It is set in the autumn of 1995 during the reign in Nigeria of the despot General Abacha, who is waging a campaign of suppression against journalists. A Nigerian girl and her younger. Database of FREE literature essays. The book, The Other Side of the River,. One Day By David Nicholls Literature Essay.

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The Other Side of Truth is the story of two Nigerian children who are sent to London as refugees after their mother is murdered. The story is fiction, but it makes references to real political events in Nigeria, most notably the execution of the poet Ken Saro-Wiwa. Like Saro-Wiwa, the father in this story angered Nigerian. Apr 11, 2014. The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo.. Which words in the italicised passage at the beginning of the novel convey a sense of violence?. How does the grocery shop remind Sade and Femi of home?