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Companies wont even look at resumes of the long-term unemployed.. resumes at random for 600 job. against the long-term unemployed or whether they. In summary, being unemployed long-term can make me feel worthless and helpless, which is one of the hardest feelings to overcome. 6. Lastly, I have also taken a part-time job in my field, to ensure that I have experience on my resume, and also so that I may. Apr 13, 2013. Employers look at how long youve been unemployed as a better proxy for skills than anything else on your resume. In other words, more. In my time as a travel editor, this scenario has become common when touring improvements to hotels and resorts around the world. My heart sinks when I hear it.

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Home Career Career Advice Resume Tips Resume Tips for the Long-Term Unemployed. Now may be an excellent time to start heading off these questions and concerns by making a few adjustments to your resume. How to bridge gaps of unemployment on. I come across on resumes is a large gap in time that has. someone who has been out of work for a long time? Employers look at how long youve been unemployed as a better proxy for skills than anything else on your resume. Its time for the government to start hiring the long-term unemployed.