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Personal development (PDP) can be defined as enabling people to fulfil their potential, to expand their talents and to progress at work and through life with meaning and satisfaction. (Guirdham, 1995116). PDP is likely to be an essential tool for development, and helps in the planning of basic. We will write a custom essay. Dec 18, 2012. This essay will examine my personal self development in relation to self-awareness and listening skills.. These frameworks comprise of benchmarks or goals that define the strategies, end-points or plans for achieving goals, appraisals and evaluation of progress, levels that describe milestones, and finally. Mar 9, 2016. Personal Plan for action. To develop an interest in the new relationship and learn more about them, leaders in this category must ensure that they develop an above average communication with the people they are working with or leading in their respective organizations. Further, they should give it a try to.

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Using ICT to support reflective learning and personal development

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