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A statement of purpose is an integral component of your small businesss overall strategic operation plan. This document contains your companys core philosophy and. Definition of statement of purpose Personal statement about an individual, what influences them, professional interests, and plan for the future as typically described as part of a college applicants admissions application.

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Apr 23, 2006. In the business plan, it is often best for the purpose to be narrow and focused to a tiny, vertical, niche market. For a small company, anything broader can cause the company to spread its efforts too thinly, and thereby never succeed in any market. In fact, a broad mission statement should be considered a. A clear simple statement of purpose is a foundation for effective strategic planning as well as the focus for setting corporate objectives.. A Statement of Purpose keeps strategic planning on track. A clear statement of. statement. How an organization behaves is largely independent of its business activity, or mission aims.