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use it to generate ideas to create your own resume. Resume Sample Environmental Sci. ELLA EMMY. 25 Mountain Ave. Nature Valley VIC 3044 03 9687 9213 (H). 0404 500 100 (M). EDUCATION. 2013 present Bachelor of Environmental Science. Monash University, Clayton. Environmental Studies is inherently an interdisciplinary subject that promotes an understanding of the Earth as a Complex System. We assist students in translating their passion for sustainability and the environment into reality. Environmental challenges are complex and multi-tiered and require critical thinking and inspired. If you are a student from a school listed below (schools that provide direct credit for SFS programs), your official transcript will be mailed to your school within 4-6. Local environmental problems and your role in addressing these issues Field work and directed research Your interactions with the local community How your. Resume styles depend on your field, the type of organization you are applying, and the amount of experience you have.. This is not limited to paid work, but should include volunteer work, research support, project-based experience, and major school projects that showcase your skills and abilities relevant for the position.

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